Our purpose-built technology
stratifies, facilitates and
coordinates care.

From intake through follow-up, clinicians can rely on decision support and continuous communications capabilities through a powerful and fully scalable technology platform developed exclusively by instED.


It all starts with triage


Powered by a database amassed by Commonwealth Care Alliance – nationally recognized for its complex care expertise – the instED triage algorithm accurately stratifies patients by acuity. 


lntake clinicians at our Clinical Solutions Hub assess patient need and deploy the appropriate provider and level of care – telephone consult, telehealth visit, clinician home visit or emergent transfer port to the ED – to ensure the best outcome.


Evidence-based care protocols


Each mode of delivery is guided by specific, evidence-based clinical protocols that are embedded in the instED platform. 


After-care is an important part of the instED model; the protocol provides for clinical follow-up with PCPs, and with the patient and caregiver to ensure continuity of care.





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