Proprietary technology enabling a
full range of clinical delivery options matched to patient acuity.

Not every request for urgent care requires a home visit. With instED, you have a unique, multi-channel model that allows you to calibrate the clinical response according to patient need. 


Triage makes instED go


A key feature of the instED platform is a proprietary triage algorithm that safely and accurately stratifies patient need and clinical response. The algorithm is built on an extensive database that reflects decades of Commonwealth Care Alliance   experience with patient treatment histories, outcomes, and comorbidities including behavioral health. 


Enabled by this platform, clinicians at the instED Clinical Solutions Hub can assess acuity and deploy the appropriate provider and level of care to ensure the best outcome:


  • Telephone consult (including TTY)

  • Telehealth visit

  • Clinician home visit

  • Safe transfer to the ED


Evidence-based care protocols


All modes of delivery are guided by specific, evidence-based clinical protocols that are embedded in the instED platform and provide the framework for the most effective clinical response.

As a first step, all requests for service undergo clinical assessment. When direct care in the home is appropriate, visiting clinicians conduct physical exams, take vital signs, and can perform lab work and EKGs on the spot. Appropriate IV, oral medications and other supportive modalities can also be administered on-site.


Medical control from end to end


From triage through after-care, clinicians have access to medical decision support. There is continuous clinician/patient communication, including follow-up with the patient’s PCP and caregiver.


  • Clinicians assess patients using triage protocols

  • Clinicians provide telephonic care and monitor
    telehealth protocols


  • Trained clinical professionals provide direct care in home

  • Physicians are available to provide decision support 

  • Structured protocols ensure high-quality follow-up and follow-through care

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